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Legacy Online offers the original experience.
Whether you like to play PvP or PvE, everyone will find enjoyment here.
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Endgame content, Event and much more!

The way forward

Endgame content, Event and much more

Update will take place 18.02.2024 from approx. 3:30pm for approximately 3h.

Gather your friends and prepare for the fight

Medusa, the strongest D10 Unique, will spawn twice a day at 6am and 8pm CET. The party doing the most damage will be able to gather the rewards. To fight Medusa you have to first kill the 4 uniques in all 4 corners in B5. Then Shinmoo appears in the middle. After killing Shinmoo you can teleport to B6 and face Medusa.

As with everything in Legacy Rising we are adding a special twist to the classic experience. You can look forward to the chance of obtaining extremely valuable rewards:

  • Legacy Flag Re-Roll (read below for more info)

  • Enhanced Legacy Flag Changer (read below for more info)

  • SOM crate

  • Arena Coins

  • Lvl 100 items

Furthermore, the player with the highest individual damage can show of his power with the Medusa Slayer Title.

Collect Love Letter and be rewarded with limited items 18.02-03.01

During the event time monsters will drop L-O-V-E letters. Returning a full-set of letters to So-Ok guarantees a handsome reward. You can look forward to:

  • Limited edition avatars (never available in item mall)

  • Legacy flag re-roll

  • Valuable silk items

  • Elixirs

  • Other items

Important: You must return all your L-O-V-E letters before the end of the event period otherwise they will disappear. Enjoy the grind!

Below you can see the limited edition avatars you can obtain through Love Letters:


Learn more about the enhanced changer and re-roll

The Legacy Flag (a new and improved Gold Dragon Flag) is an important item in Legacy Rising. Some players have already been lucky to obtain a strong flag with 4 lines of blues with good values for each. To make the hunt for the best flag more interesting we are bringing two new Legacy Flag items to you. Remember you can have the following blues on your Legacy Flag:

  • STR (1-5)

  • INT (1-5)

  • Block

  • Crit

  • Monster ignore

  • Luck

Enhanced Legacy Flag Changer

The enhanced Legacy Flag Changer can create a Legacy Flag with up to 5 lines of blues and has an improved chance to obtain a strong blues. This means the Enhanced Legacy Flag Changer is a very valuable item.

Legacy Flag Re-Roll

The Legacy Flag Re-Roll gives you the unique opportunity to re-roll only one blues on your flag. The risk? You cannot decide which blues will be re-rolled. The Legacy Flag Re-Roll is a great way to enhance flags which already have 4 or 5 lines of blues.

Important: If you use a regular Legacy Flag Blue Changer on a Legacy Flag with 5 lines of blues you can reach a maximum of 4 blues. Using an Enhanced Legacy Flag Blue Changer on a Flag with 5 lines of blues it is not guaranteed you will keep your 5 lines of blues.


Forge your own SOS items

SOS on Legacy Rising is powerful! With our unique balance SOS is stronger than T3 giving those rare items the power they deserve.

There are currently two ways on Legacy how you can obtain SOS items. The classic way, you grind and hope you get lucky. The second way is through SOS crates from Devils Garden. Both of these ways have one draw back - you never know what you will get.

The newly introduced SOS Crusher and SOS Powder will give you a way to obtain exactly the SOS item you want.

SOS Crusher

The SOS Crusher is a powerful hammer that shatters SOS items into millions of pieces. The SOS item is destroyed and disappears after the SOS Crusher is used. The SOS Crusher can be purchased at the Legacy Item Manager.

SOS Powder

You are rewarded an SOS Powder once you use an SOS Crusher on any type of SOS item. SOS Powders are very rare and powerful alchemy ingredients.

Forge your SOS

Once you have obtained sufficient SOS Powders you are now able to forge any SOS item of your choice. Take the ‘Forging SOS’ quest from the Legacy Quest Manager and select an SOS item of your choice. The 5 SOS powders in your inventory will be replaced by the SOS item you have selected.


More events and improved communication

Our goal is to provide the best gaming experience for everyone. To ensure a better gaming exerpience we will introduce the following changes: 

  • Disable Discord main chat/ country chats - this will give all of us more time to focus on what matters: the game :)

  • Disable Union - let’s make fortress war more fun

  • Updated event schedule - 4 more events for you (2xLMS, 2xSurvival Arena)

Last but not least an outlook what else is to come in the future

Roadmap insights

We would like to highlight two important next steps on our roadmap. Battle Royal and Battle Pass.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass will significantly enhance your gaming experience. You can look forward to a multitude of missions (e.g., participation in events, alchemy achievements, pvp kills, job activity, monster kills) that will give you extra rewards. Some of these rewards will be strictly limited to the battle pass, no other way to obtain them.

Battle Royal

The concept of Battle Royal is well known, yet its something very rare in the Silkroad Universe. Prepare for an additional daily event where you can proof your skills and become the champion of Battle Royal! The great thing about this event? Everyone starts with absolutely equal chances and it will be purely up to your skills and a little bit of luck to emerge victoriously!

We can’t wait to go live with these updates!

Legacy Rising | Upcoming activities and updates

Dear Legacy Community,
Building on the glimpse into the roadmap we have shared with you recently. I am excited to announce the next steps we will take! In particular three exciting changes are coming:

1) Hide and seek & unique event
Let's join together again and have some fun! This Friday at around 8pm CET we will kick it off with some hide and seek - this time I will spawn lvl 1 uniques for you to find and kill. The killer will be rewarded with silks or silk items! Afterwards we will meet at DW south and i will spawn all kinds of uniques - of course some of the Legacy Rising favorites will be there. For low levels we will have beginner uniques as well.

2) Small update 11.02
This Sunday we will bring an update with 3 changes!

  • Upgrade power of Seal of Moon items
  • Introduce beginner uniques (beginner uniques have a lvl protection and are a great way for low lvl player to gain experience. Furthermore, these uniques carrier very valuable items)
  • Update of ingame guides to help new players improve their game play and profit from all that Legacy has to offer

3) Big update 18.02
One week after our small update you can look forward to much bigger changes and new content. Rumor has it an extremely powerfull unique will come to Legacy Rising. Furthermore, we intend to celebrate the season of love with you. Looking forward to the next big step in the progression of this server with you!

Legacy Roadmap | Get ready for the best content

Dear Legacy Community, 
it is with great pride that we are presenting you the updated Legacy Rising Roadmap. 

You can look forward to exciting events, classic content and never seen before fun! 

Rule Change: 1 Star Job-Abuse

Dear Legacy Community, 
we have seen with increasing concern, that players abuse 1 star trades to be safe while hunting job uniques, farm in job temple or have a player res during caravan/ job fight. 

This is considered job abbuse and will be strictly punished! 

We consider the following activities job abbuse: 
- 1 star to farm in job temple 
- 1 star in caravan or job fight to res/buff/support players 
- 1 star at job uniques to stay protected 

We will enforce the following punishments for anyone abusing: 
- First abuse: 7 day job ban 
- Second abuse: 3 day account ban 
- Third abuse: 7 day account ban 
- Fourth abuse: perma ban
These bans will apply to all associated accounts of the abusing player. 

Reports for this will need to contain a min. 1 min video through a discord ticket!

Streamer Event

Dear Legacy Community, 

Together with our Streamer apace96 we are planning a fun event on Friday 19.01.2024 at 7 pm CET.

The event consists of 2 parts and will have 20 winners! 

Part 1: Hunt uniques and qualify for race event
- We will spawn 20 level 1 uniques across the map 
- Everyone to kill a unique will get 3x 130 Movement Speed scrolls (only one kill per person; if you kill more than one unique you are disqualified for part 2) 
- The first 7 players will qualify for the race event 

Part 2: Race event
- The first 7 Players will get a unique name from Apace96 under which to create a new lvl 1 char 
- The chars will join a party with Apace and that starts the 1h grind race - of course live commentary from Apace in his stream 
- Places 5-4: Will receive one pack of Reverse Return Scrolls
- Places 3-2: Will receive a pack of Special reverse return scrolls
- Place 1 will receive a Weapon Skin Changer