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Legacy Online offers the original experience.
Whether you like to play PvP or PvE, everyone will find enjoyment here.
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Fortress war
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Legacy Rising | War is coming


  • Jangan Fortress war will be on 14.01 - 7pm CET
  • Fortress War Event to win $1000 in cash on 04.02.2024
  • Autoequip to come on 22.01.2024
  • D10 T1 at Legacy Harbor and Hotan NPC
  • Additional information on all Dungeons

Server inspection, D10 T1, Devils Garden improvement will happen on Monday 15.01.204 around 10pm-11:30pm CET.

Autoequip update will take place 22.01.2024 from approx. 9pm-11pm CET.



Jangan Fortress War will be happen on 14.01 - 7pm CET

The Fortress War is the weekly battle for the strongest Guild and Unions to test their strength and determine who is the most powerful. It takes a lot of skill from each individual player and the leaders have to be masters of strategy to emerge victoriously from this battle.

The winning Guild / Union of the fortress war can look forward to enjoy great advantages. Not only will the city tax allow the winner to collect additional funds, but the production facilities inside the fortress allow the guild to produce valuable items. Furthermore, the Fortress War Dungeon allows the guilds to battle powerful monsters and help guild members to reach the max level.



Fortress War Event to win $1000 cash 04.02

As promised, we will reward the guild to winning the Fortress War Event with $1000 in cash. The guild can decide to have it paid out in cash or in silks. To make the battle as fair as possible we will reset the Fortress War (incl. any Fortress War items that would give an advantage) on 03.02 and the big fight will start fair for every guild.

Who will emerge victoriously?



Weapon SOS +3

The Legacy community is growing continuously and we are proud of it! To make it easier for new players to catch up and quickly reach the end game, everyone reaching a new degree can obtain a SOS +3 weapon. This will apply from D1 to D7. By providing a powerful weapon to every new char, new players have the chance to enjoy the unique grinding experience in Legacy Rising while catching up quickly. Enjoy the high chance of SOX drops and enhanced items up to +7, profit from the high alchemy rate to improve your set on the run all while being sure that you have a very strong weapon. Keep in mind that the unique SOX balance in Legacy Rising ensures that SOS is better than T3 equipment!

For the best progress, remember to start doing the Togui FGW runs starting from level 35 to collect your Talismans and obtain a D8 SOM weapon of your choice and 150k SP! Your D9 SOM weapon and an additional 150k SP can be obtained from the Flame Mountain FGW.




IMPORTANT: Information on Dungeons

If you die in any dungeon (i.e., FGW, Devils Garden) DO NOT teleport back to town immediately. In case you use any skill or pet that applies dmg over time while you are dead and a monster dies when you are not in the dungeon instance you will not be able to complete your run. Always wait a couple of seconds before teleporting back to town in a dungeon run to avoid this issue!


Last but not least an outlook what else is to come in the future

Legacy Rising | Update 11

Server inspection completed

The first update of 2024 on Legacy Rising has been completed. Thank you for your patience.
We are excited to present Devils Garden and many other changes to you! 

Devils Garden

  • Dimension pillars to open a Devils Garden Instance are available at the Dungeon Master located in each town
  • 2-Star Devils Garden
  • Price: 100M
    • Max. player number: 1
    • Cool down: 23h after opening of instance
    • Restriction: Char needs to have Premium to enter
    • Rewards: Legacy Flag Blue changer (1x), Chance of T3 Treasure Crate, Chance of Magic Pop, High elixir drop rate,  High tablet drop rate


  • 4-Star Devils Garden
    • Price: 400M
    • Max. player number: 4
    • Cool down: 23h after opening of instance
    • Restriction: Char needs to have Premium to enter
    • Rewards: Legacy Flag Blue changer (for each player in instance), Chance of SOS Treasure Crate, Chance of T3 Treasure Crate, Chance of Magic Pop High elixir drop rate,  High tablet drop rate 

Job Balance 

  • Slightly increased thief gold reward from trades. The price and reward of goods for trader remain the same - trader do not have to take a higher risk
  • Slightly increased thief experience to bring the effort between trader/hunter and thief closer together
  • We will continue to closely monitor the development and potentially make further adjustments in the future

Drop rates

  • Increase elixir drop rate in B4 from +15% to +25%
  • Increase elixir drop rate in job temple from +15% to +25%
  • Increase T3 treasure crate drop chance by 10%
  • Significantly increased D10 T1 and T2 drops

Exp Rates

  • Increased overall EXP / SP rate by 30% - this is now the new baseline

Item mall changes

  • Added Metal Drakon Dress (male/female)

Other changes

  • Added target dummy Donwhang South - Test your DPS to prepare for the upcoming challenges
  • Removed Christmas Decoration
  • Removed XMAS letters
  • Removed Weapon Skin Changer


Legacy Flag Instructions
Creating a Legacy Flag 

  • Upgrade your Gold Dragon Flag with a Legacy Flag Upgrade Scroll from the Premium Item Manager

Using a Legacy Flag Blue Changer 

  • Place your Legacy Flag in the first slot of your inventory 
  • Right click your Legacy Flag Blue Changer 
  • Check our video here: Legacy Rising - Legacy Flag - YouTube
  • IMPORTANT: Every re-roll with a Legacy Flag Blue Changer will change all blues! 

Possible Legacy Flag Blues

Your Legacy Flag can have up to 4 lines of blues. Each line can have the following parameters: 

  • STR (1-5)
  • INT (1-5)
  • Monster ignore
  • Crit
  • Block
  • Luck

This means if you get lucky you can get up to e.g., 20 STR or INT on your Flag.

Server inspection

Dear Legacy Community,

As announced Part 2 of the winter event is ending soon.

The server will go under inspection from 1pm-2pm CET tomorrow on the 31st of December 2023.

Make sure to return all of your XMAS letters as you will not be able to exchange them afterwards.

Furthermore, I am sure some people have realized that Part 3 is still missing. We have been planning something rather complicated and will have to push it back further. Nonetheless we will launch it as soon as we can for one months. In the meantime you can look forward to our next update with more content and benefits for everyone on 05.01.2024.

First Update 2024

To 2024 and beyond

4 changes are coming to Legacy Rising to bring more fun and joy to you - time to get back to the grind, build your legacy and rise to power!

Update will take place 05.01.2024 from approx. 8pm-10pm CET.

Venture into Devils Garden alone or with up to 4 people

Once a day you have the chance to open a dimension pillar, bought from the Dungeon NPC located in every city to enter the Devils Garden.

Inside Devils Garden you will face powerful monsters and uniques. During your strenuous battle you have the chance to obtain SOX Crates and kill monsters with a high drop rate of elixirs and other items. At the end of the battle you will be rewarded with a Legacy Flag Blue Changer to re-roll the blues on your Legacy Flag.

The Legacy Flag is an improved Gold Dragon Flag. To upgrade your Gold Dragon Flag to the Legacy Flag you have to purchase a Legacy Flag Upgrade Scroll from the Premium Item Manager. Once you have a Legacy Flag you can use the Legacy Flag Blue Change and try your look to improve your Legacy Flag.

You can obtain up to 4 lines of blues with the following stats per line:

  • STR (1-5)

  • INT (1-5)

  • Monster ignore

  • Crit

  • Block

  • Luck

But be aware, every re-roll may change the number of blues you already have and the stats per blues. It will always be a gamble!

Bringing balance to the Job System

We have very closely monitored the development of the job system and spend many hours following trader, hunter and thieves around.
It is becoming more and more obvious, that despite an equal effort of hours spend in the job that trader and hunter are progressing a lot faster than thieves. We have therefore decided to bring back more balance to the job system to make it more fun for everyone. We will therefore make changes along 3 dimensions:

  • Increase EXP and gold for thieves by increasing the value of trader goods

  • Slightly reduce trade rates per route to yield the same gold reward per trade

  • Slightly reduce required job experience to reach thief levels

Now let me explain what this means for you as a trader, hunter or thief:


Your job level remains the same and you will make the same amount of gold per trade as before. The only change is that the value of goods will increase slightly therefore increasing your risk slightly. But more risk is more fun, right? And its for a good cause after all. A balanced server is a good server that will bring long-term fun.


Your job level remains the same and you will make the same amount of gold per trade. There are no changes for hunter.


Your job level will increase slightly and for each trade you will rob you will make more gold because the goods are now more expensive.

Please keep in mind that a balance in the job system is essential to make the server a long-term success. Trading should always involve a certain amount of risk. We have spend a considerable amount of time to monitor the system. These changes will bring back balance to the system and hopefully we see many more successful trades, robs and epic job fights.

Welcoming new players and helping them catch up

Legacy Rising is in a very good state after a bit more than 2 months. We have had great events a lot of action and just recently some valuable drops in D10.

Word travels fast in the private server world and we have a constant influx of new players who decide to build their legacy and rise to power. We have decided to increase the base rate of EXP and SP by 30% to help these new players catch up faster and join the high level players in their ventures.

We will continue to have EXP and SP events on weekends which will further increase the new base rate. So if you have a friend wanting to start or you want to start a second char now is the time!

Achieving the sweet spot

Just like with any other change we bring, we have closely monitored the drop rates and have recently already made adjustments, which have been welcomed by everyone. Players are now able to farm up to 30-40 jewel boxes per hour as a solo player with a bit of luck on their side and on a good grinding spot.

Nevertheless, we see that the market for elixirs is still comparably illiquid with few elixirs on sale for those looking to try their luck in alchemy. Furthermore, we think a slight additional increase of the rates will be good to make the grind more rewarding solo and in party.

Therefore, we will make the following additional changes to drop rates:

  • Increase elixir drop rate in B4 from +15% to +25%

  • Increase elixir drop rate in job temple from +15% to +25%

  • Increase T3 treasure crate drop chance by 10%

These additional changes, in line with the big increases of rates in the previous update, now mark the sweet spot where grinding and fighting in parties is rewarding while still maintaining a good balance and keeping the long term perspective of the server in mind. We hope you enjoy the additional elixirs and T3 treasure crates you can obtain.

Celebrating the new update with you

Right after the update we will hold a big Unique Event at Jangan South to celebrate those changes with you. You can look forward to:

  • Titan Uniques

  • Beginner Uniques

  • Pandora Boxes

  • Special Legacy Uniques

  • and more ;)

We are looking forward to see many of you there. All players will profit from the event. We especially encourage all high level players to invite new players to parties to help them gain some EXP and SP. See you at Jangan South on 05.01.2024 around 10pm CET.


Last but not least an outlook what else is to come in the future

Winter Event Part 2

The second part of the Winter Event is all about hunting the powerful Winter Drake! 

Winter Drake will spawn at multiple iconic locations on the map. The party defeating Winter Drake will be rewarded handsomly! 

Winter Drake can spawn in these locations: